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Over the Moon promotes sustainable business practices by providing tailored environmental solutions and management options in the areas of:

Impact Assessments

An environmental impact assessment enables the identification and methodical examination of a proposed development's actual and potential impacts. This facilitates the prevention and/or mitigation of negative impacts and enhancement and promotion of positive impacts, allowing the governing authority to make informed decisions regarding authorisation of the development.

Management Plans and Programmes

Environmental management plans and programmes ensure that mitigation and management measures that have been put in place are implemented and carried out in a timely manner whether it be on a construction site, or in the daily operation of a business.

Site Control Officers

The implementation and checking of environmental management plans and programmes require the dedicated effort of appropriately experienced control officers to ensure sustainability of the enterprise.

Stakeholder Engagement

Public participation and the engagement of governmental and non-governmental entities is essential to the effective assessment, implementation and operation of any environmental undertaking.

Due Diligence Assessments

Environmental due diligence assessment is a process which evaluates the actual and potential environmental risks of a proposed or existing development in terms of legislative requirements and recognised codes of practise.

Management Systems

Environmental management systems help to establish and maintain a sustainable, continually improving business, as well as ensure that good environmental practices form part of normal operational output.

Compliance Assessments

Once environmental authorisation for a proposed development is granted, adherence to the conditions of the authorisation, as well as other legislated environmental requirements must be periodically evaluated through independent compliance assessments.

Training and Awareness

To effectively manage the impacts that a development or business has on the environment and to promote sustainability, environmental training and awareness should be undertaken with the workforce and information shared with interested and affected parties. This is a sound business practice which enhances environmental legal compliance.

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